Mountain Bike Event

Calder Stewart Coastal Classic Mountain Bike Event

  • Registration – 8.00am (Payment on the day CASH only)
  • COMPULSORY Race Briefing – 9.45am
  • Race start – 10.00am

In 2022, The Calder Stewart Coastal Classic MTB event is going back to its roots.  Listening to feedback, there was a significant call for a longer distance enduro style event; with great support from local landowners and Wenita Forests, the event will once again feature a spectacular ride over forestry roads and tracks, wetlands and farm trails.  The main course will feature challenging climbs and stunning descents; traversing through forestation at various stages and across farmland trails to add variety and views of Coastal Otago.  It is a fast paced course which could suit gravel bikes and mountain bikes. The MTB Skyline Challenge features a 45 km E-Bike Race – a full-on challenge to test your limits.

The 15 km Experience course is a popular start up event for future riders and their supporters.  It features a nice climb to the event summit and a stunning 7km downhill section to the finish line, whizzing through paddocks and on gravel roads.

45 km MTB Skyline Challenge

A fast and furious action paced event designed for those wanting to challenge themselves to do the best they can on the day.  Enjoying challenging climbs, and thrilling descents while taking in the views.

Riders pitch themselves against their peers by entering into a relevant age and gender category.  Riders will be timed and provided their position in their relevant category and overall placings.  Place getters in each category will be acknowledged and all riders are in the prize draw for spot prizes.

The Skyline Challenge features an E-Bike Race category.

Minimum age is 14. Applications under minimum age will be considered with proviso they are fully consented by an adult and will be at the discretion of the Coastal Classic committee.

45 km E Bike

Designed for those who really want to enjoy the scenery in untraveled areas of the Otago Coast, that while new, provides the safety of a well-marked gravel roads/cross country/forestry course along with fellow riders.  Riders will be treated to scenic views while enjoying the boost of the battery power on the hills and some long winding descents to get the wind in their hair.

Minimum age is 16

15 km Experience

For riders new to riding or participating in events (and their support riders) or just looking for a quick day out.  The 15 km course has a good climb to get the legs warmed up then a thrilling descent virtually from the skyline to the sea.  riders in the 15km experience ride will be provided a time, their place and be entered in the draw for all spot prizes.

Minimum age is 12 unless accompanied by an adult.

Entry Fee

  • Skyline Challenge 45 km – $50
  • 45 km Skyline Challenge E-Bike – $50
  • Experience 15km – $25

Late fee $10 after November 1 2022.

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