Policies & Race Rules

Event Rules & Regulations


Event Director

The Event Director has overall responsibility for all matters associated with the Coastal Classic event including but not limited to; its courses and necessary changes to the course at any time, entries and eligibility of participants, awarding of prizes, location of marshals, deployment of resources etc.

The Event Director may cancel or postpone the event, or alter the course(s) prior to or on the day due to changing weather and/or environmental circumstances.

The Event Director’s decision is final, and decisions will be made in the interests of running a safe event for participants and all personnel involved.

The Event Director can be contacted by email (info@coastalclassic.org.nz) or at the Event Headquarters (Registration shed at Livingstonia Park, Taieri Mouth) on the day.

Cancellation Policy:

If a government Covid policy necessitates the cancellation of the event, a full refund will be provided or the entry fees may be transferred to the 2025 Event.

If it is necessary to cancel the event due to adverse weather or other serious circumstances, a full refund will be provided or the entry fees may be transferred to the 2025 event.

In this case all participants will be contacted by email and/or posting on the Coastal Classic Facebook pages.

Withdrawal Refund Policy:

In the case of a participant wishing to withdraw from the event prior to the 30th of October 2024, a full refund will be available.

No refunds will be available for withdrawals on or after October 30th, 2024.

Requests for withdrawals on compassionate grounds will be considered by the Event Director whose decision is final.  These must be submitted via email to info@coastalclassic.org.nz no later than November 13th, 2024.

Transfer of entry:

Transfer of an entry to another person is at the discretion of the Event Director and a request made by email info@coastalclassic.org.nz and subject to the applicant providing the necessary information for H&S purposes.

Personal information /privacy

By entering the event you grant permission for the use of any photos, video materials, audio captures to be used by the event organisers for administrative and promotional purposes via various media/social media channels.  Your email address may be used to contact you about this and /or future events.

Race Rules and policies

Event description

The Coastal Classic consists of the following events:

  • 5km Harraways Fun Run/WALK (recreational)
  • 12km NZ SAFETY Blackwoods Moturata Views Walk
  • 12km Unifone Craypot Run
  • 21km Smiths Sports Shoes Akatore Challenge Run
  • Under 14  5km Harraways Beach Run
  • 15km MTB Aotea Electric Southern Experience
  • 45km MTB Wenita Challenge
  • 45km E-Bike Wenita Challenge
  • 59.5 km Bike House Gravel Bash

For the purposes of the Coastal Classic – MTB refers to a self-propelled mountain bike, an e-bike is a mountain bike with powered assistance.

All events start and finish at Livingstonia Park, Taieri Mouth.

Age for entry:

Age – Age for the purposes of entry will be the age you are on the day of the event November 3rd, 2024.

Please acknowledge the following age limits:

45km MTB Challenge Minimum age 14

59.5k Gravel Bash minimum age 16

45km EBike Minimum age 16

15km MTB Experience Minimum age 12 unless accompanied by an adult constantly within 2 metres proximity of child

21km Run Minimum age 16

12km Run minimum age 14

12km Walk Minimum age 12 unless accompanied by an adult constantly within 2 metres of child

Under 14 5km Beach Run Minimum age 10

Family 5km fun run/walk all children under the age of 10 must be accompanied by an adult within 2 metres proximity of child

Important all entrants that are under the age of 16 must be given parent or care giver consent. Registration is compulsory for everyone entering onto a course.

*Applications under minimum age will be considered with proviso they are fully consented by an adult in writing and will be at discretion of the Coastal Classic committee.


Participants are responsible for carrying their own medications.

Participants should advise the organizers at the time of entry of any conditions they wish them to be aware of. This information is held in confidence.

First aid support is provided by the Red Cross.

Results and Prizes

Progressive results posted on a noticeboard during the day. Finalized result will be posted on the Coastal Classic Website following the event where all place getters will be acknowledged in their various categories.

Merit prizes will be awarded on the day to the fastest Female and Male (regardless of category) in each event (an event represents any one of the run/walk or MTB distances,) with the exception of recreational categories.

All Participants who complete any event in any category (including recreational) will be eligible for all spot prizes which are drawn at the conclusion of the event. Participants must attend the prizegiving to be eligible to receive a spot prize.

Race Rules:

Persons entering the Coastal Classic are required to read and respect the following …

  • All participants must attend the compulsory race briefing on the day of the race.
  • Participants must personally wear their official race number (clearly visible from in-front) and follow their designated course at all times.
  • The directions of; traffic management personnel, marshals, emergency and event staff must be followed at all times.
  • Traffic management is in place, but all roads are open to traffic. Normal road rules apply at all times on all courses and in Livingstonia Park.
  • Participants should keep to the side of the roads and walk/cycle/run single file wherever possible.
  • No pets are allowed on the course.
  • The event (Park and courses) is smoke and vape free.
  • Participants must wear/carry clothing appropriate for changing weather conditions. (eg., snow, rain high wind and changing temperatures)
  • No fire lighting products or equipment are permitted on the courses.
  • Bikes (MTB, e-bikes, gravel bikes) must be safe to ride, with suitable equipment (including tyres) for the conditions (rural and dirt road/farmland etc)
  • Bike riders must wear approved helmets at all times.
  • Riders should consider the equipment they may need for typical on course repairs.
  • Footwear for those in the Walk/Run events must be suitable for a range of conditions (rural non-sealed roads, mud, sand and rocks)
  • Participants should not wear earplugs or similar devices which may impair their hearing.
  • If you decide to withdraw from the event while on the course, you must notify a Marshall of have another participant notify a Marshall.
  • You must stop and assist any participant who has been injured or experienced a health-related event and notify a Marshall as soon as possible -or ask another participant to do so.
  • All participants are expected to assume a personal responsibility to respect the challenges provided by the event environment and walk/ride/run to their capabilities and experience.
  • Several of the courses are over private land, respect this by not wandering off the course and only crossing fences where indicated. Do not leave rubbish.
  • Please respect the environment and deposit all rubbish and used water containers in the bins/sacks provided at the Park and on the courses.
  • Due to traffic management requirements and land access restrictions there are time limits applying to the course. Each individual course must be clear by 2pm, entrants not meeting checkpoint times will be assisted forward to ensure these timeframes are met.

Entry Fees

Entries each event as stated on registration form. Business organizations with multiple entrants may be eligible for concessionary pricing. Contact: info@coastalclassic.org.nz

Risks and safety on the course

The Coastal Classic is an outdoor event which explores rural roads, forestry areas, farmland and the coast and as such presents a number of challenges and potential risks to participants. The organisers have reviewed the event and its courses and taken responsible and reasonable actions to minimize risks and to make the event and its course as safe as possible.   However, there are a number of conditions and related risks you should be aware, and these are identified below:

  • Marshalls are strategically positioned throughout the courses for your safety and should be contacted if you or another participant require assistance.
  • Courses are marked and these must be followed for your safety.
  • Water stations are provided at key locations on the courses, but participants are encouraged to carry their own fluid drinks/energy snacks etc.
  • There is potential for sunburn, so the use of sunscreen is recommended.
  • Cold temperatures and strong winds have the potential to induce hypothermia, thus it is necessary to wear or carry appropriate clothing for your personal protection. This is a coastal environment so weather can change quickly. Be prepared, even if the weather is fine at the start of the event.
  • Participants should keep well away from the waters edge, cliff tops and steep slopes at all times.
  • Courses will cover a variety of terrains so be prepared for: potholes, loose gravel, wet and slippery surfaces, mud, sand, fallen branches, uneven ground, fallen/overhanging branches and gorse.
  • Some courses involve a coastal environment which is constantly changing (large or rogue waves, slippery surfaces, moving sand and kelp etc. It is necessary to exercise caution when in these areas.
  • You may encounter wandering livestock (e.g., sheep or goats) or sea mammals (e.g., seals) on or near the course(s). These should be avoided and not disturbed.
  • There are nesting sites and some birds may be territorial. Do not approach the sites unnecessarily.
  • Assume any electric fences are live.

Acknowledgment waiver

By completing this waiver, I am acknowledging that I have read the above documentation associated with the Coastal Classic Event and understand that there is a degree of risk associated with my participation.  In particular I understand that all roads are open to traffic and normal road rules and that I will respect traffic management and event staff at all times. I agree to adhere to the event rules and conditions and to participate in an honest and responsible manner. I understand that images and video recording featuring or including you may be used for legitimate promotion of the event.  I will attend the compulsory Event Briefing.

I hereby waiver, release and discharge all Coastal Classic Event organisers and personnel (incl., marshals), landowners, and sponsors from any claim of liabilities that may arise out of my participation in the event.